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[FAQ] (Mostly) Everything you need to know about TDC!

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#1 Doomey



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Posted September 03 2010 - 06:36 PM

Hallo, I'm Doomey. This is a good thing, but you're not here to listen to my name. This is a simple, short-ish guide to the little quirks that make the server what it is. This will be updated frequently in an attempt to keep your curiosity's piqued. ANYWHO, here we go.

Q: Hey guys, what do the levels do?
A: When you log onto the server, at the bottom left part of the screen, there is a little level indicator with an experience indicator under it. You'll also note that if you look carefully as you spawn, you'll read that the server plugin that allows the levels reads Cosmetic Levels Plugin. Which means just that, however rumours say if you reach level 99 that you get a golden wrench ;D
TL;DR- Nothing, level 99 gets something nice though.

Q: How are those guys flying around? D:
A: They are using a command called "+jetpack" which is only used on some of the maps on th server, such as bedrooms3 and toystore.
-To use this command, you must bind it.
-TO BIND KEYS, you must enable the console.
-To enable the console, you must go into options, click on advanced, and check off Enabled Developers Console.
Now that that is taken care of, press the tilde "~" key and the developers console should pop up. In the developers console merely type bind(space)(whatever key you want to use the action)(space) and then the command you want to bind the key to. In this case, it'll be +jetpack. Now you can fly! Fwooooooosh~
On this server, binding keys can be really useful for doing things. Reccommended actions to bind would be things such as +use, kill, and explode.

A: A little history lesson my friend, way back when, the Dalokohs Creators server merely had a No Micspam rule, which people didn't really follow. A rebellion was formed and the players banded together to throw down the tyranny of free micspammery. In a last ditch effort to save what was good and free in the chocolate bar utopia, Gabe Newell and his trusty sidekick Benjamuffin descended upon the lowly citizens on his majestic rainbow unicorn made out of cheeseburgers and said, "HENCEFORTH, WHOEVER MICSPAMS WILL BE ANNIHILATED! I joke, you'll just get muted." And from then on in we have a plug-in to mute you if you're micspamming for 10 seconds or more. However, those who have served Gabe by paying tribute through the nice big donate button on http://www.thedalokohscreators.com are granted immunity to such a plug-in.

Q: Spawn camping, how does that work?
A: No. We all like to kill the players at key choke points in the game, but if you decide spawn camping is a good idea, don't. We don't like that hurr >:C

Q: Ohey, that guy has awesome green letters, can I be an Admin or a SP?
A: Well my finely tuned chummo, it is as it looks. To become an admin, please drop a form in the Admin Applications part of the site and be sure to be professional about it! Sloppy work isn't rewarded with a long job. TO BECOME AN SP, you have to donate to teh server. Believe me when I say this. It's a pretty sweet gig, micspam priveledges, teh letters, prop priveldges? What's not to love!

Q: Admin, please hope me!
A: Admins are a curious sort. They usually partake in using their powers for the good of the server, not because you REALLY need to get to that ledge, or to the skybox. Please, don't ask.

WELP, that's it for now I presume. Expect this FAQ to be updated, ripped apart, and put back together by the powers that be. Until next time gentlemen, this is Doomey, signing off.
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#2 Prinnosaurus


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Posted September 04 2010 - 08:47 AM


#3 Squirrel


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Posted September 04 2010 - 11:46 AM

I like it, since it's written in a fun and entretaining way :D

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