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[ADMIN TUTORIAL] How to restart/update the server

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#1 Benjamoose


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Posted October 25 2010 - 07:28 PM

If there has been no updates or fixes, and the server just needs restarting for other reasons, (crash etc) and wont auto-restart, then move on to step two.

1) If you think there has been a TF2 update, stopping people from being able to join the server (as it would be out of date with their game) then please check this link first:

STEAM UPDATE NEWS - Team Fortress 2

This shows the dates and details of all TF2 updates. It will be shown here when there is something big such as a holiday update. It's just better to be sure (remember however that TF2 news from sites like Kotaku get mixed in here too, so make sure you are looking at update details only.

2) Go to: http://www.my.gameservers.com
You will be prompted to enter a username and password at this screen:

Posted Image

Doomey your username is: 828808a
Squirrel your username is: 828808b

Your passwords have been sent to you in a forum pm.

3) After logging in, you will see the following:

Posted Image

Click on the INFO buton on the right.

4) After clicking the INFO button, you will be presented with your options on this screen:

Posted Image

STOP SERVER - Stops the server completely.
RESTART SERVER - Restarts the server, or starts the server if it is stopped.

That's pretty much it! You have severely limited accounts compared to mine, but you have access to something I think will help me greatly in the future, especially with Halloween Update 2010 right around the corner.

A few things to note:
I know we are all great and trusted friends, but your accounts are identical beyond having your own username, so doing the above makes it pointless in you both having one. If this happens, you will end up sharing an account, so be warned!

The server is very rarely ever manual restarted by me, as it auto-restarts upon crashing. The only time I ever really restart it is if there has been a Steam update, which is the main point of this tutorial and privilege.

While the server gives you an estimated time of about 10-15 seconds or something, the server still may not be ready, or fully up/stopped in that time, and the banner showing it's status is only updated every couple of minutes. When doing all of the above, make sure you have the server visible in the server browser and are able to refresh and check until it is down/back up.

If you have any problems, let me know. I will try and do all restarts myself (especially for updates), but if I am not able to get on on, say, Halloween, you guys may have to do it for me. Remember however, that on a big game update (class updates or holidays) the server will take a LONG time to restart, due to the sheer amount of traffic from other servers trying to be the first server updated with the big new content.

Thanks guys!

EDIT: On a mini extra note, here is what I see in my admins list on gameservers :D

Posted Image


#2 Zetsumei


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Posted October 27 2010 - 11:58 AM

Yall dont love me enough to give me one... I see how it is... ima go die in a corner now :C


#3 Squirrel


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Posted October 27 2010 - 12:44 PM

It's not that Zetsu, it's just that Ben will not be able to reset the server in a while and me and Doomey are usually online (and you had computer issues )

#4 Zetsumei


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Posted October 27 2010 - 06:16 PM

lies and slander and not codtly whores!

i forgot where i was going with this......?


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